Radiant Systems & Products

Radiant floor and paneled heating is an efficient, economical, and highly comfortable way to heat commercial and residential structures. The concept and application of radiant heating is over 2,000 years old, which proves that there is much to be learned from history!

Radiant heating allows warmth to be carried into spaces by invisible waves of radiant heat, naturally. Not only is radiant heating the most comfortable type of heating application, but it is also the most energy efficient. Radiant floor heating warms objects in a room from the bottom up keeping heat in the livable space of the room instead of allowing heat to escape by air to the top of the room, which is the case in common but highly inefficient and noisy “forced air” heating systems.

Since no air is being pushed through dusty ductwork or dirty fins before entering a room, radiant heating offers the security of clean air ensuring better health and quality of life.

Radiant heating is also highly versatile. Methods for using walls, floors, and ceilings are all available making it easy to choose the right method for your project. Radiant heating is just as versatile when it comes to utilities - there is a way to work with natural gas, propane, oil, wood, electricity, solar, and more.

To complete your radiant system, we can create a Hickenbottom BTU Tube™ for your application. BTU Tubes™ are made of various sizes of copper tubing and act as buffer tanks that protect boilers or heat sources from shock. BTU Tubes™ may also be used as air purgers, mixing devices, storage devices, distribution devices, primary or secondary loops, boiler protectors, cycle controllers, and water velocity controllers.

Hickenbottom Inc. is proud to be a charter member of Radiant Panel Association. Not only do we sell the necessary products to create your own radiant heating experience; but we also have 24 years of design, installation, and maintenance experience through our sister company, Energy Management Engineering.